April 2007
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No such thing as a free champagne brunch

It’s a ten second clip.  Not even that – honest!  You’re missing out on the whole multimedia experience if you don’t press play.  But I know you probably won’t, so I’ve added a transcript this time too.  See.  Just a few seconds. But it’s still better if you play the clip.


Speaking on the American Casino Guide podcast, legendary collector of free casino shit and (I think it’s compulsory to call her this now) "queen of comps" Jean Scott advised listeners that they shouldn’t leave comp dollars on a players card, just in case you never get a chance to use them.  Casinos change hands; players clubs mess with their programs; comps expire before your next trip.  There are so many ways players can lose out, and obviously that’s bad.

In fact the two casinos I still have comp left with are Binions and Imperial Palace.  Both assured me I’d still be able to eat for free in the summer, but really neither have a particularly certain future in Las Vegas right now.  As usual, we can blame Harrah’s.

After Binions went busto, it was stripped of the only things the Evil Empire wanted it for – the Horeshoe name and the World Series of Poker.  It was then sold on to MTR Gaming who, so far, are not doing a particuarly good job at plugging the leaks.  Oh how the Shoe would be jumping right now if it had a little bit of ESPN money to keep it ticking over.  The IP was gobbled up only for the land it sits on and it’s only a matter of time before it comes tumbling down.  But as Harrah’s themselves are now the subject of a takeover, and their investors have said that they want to clear their outstanding debts (a mere $21 billion) before reinvesting in growth it looks like those Dealertainers are going to be hanging around for a little longer.


Over to Jean.

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"You know what happened when Katrina hit Mississippi.  A lot of people lost a lot of comps."

Nearly two years on, our thoughts are still with those victims who not only lost their homes, jobs and families, but also a nice steak and eggs special.