April 2007
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One silly step towards the WSOP

My first step towards this year’s WSOP was via a manic, almost free tournament on Gutshot Poker.  There was only one seat, and yay me!

75 players in and a bunch of rebuys.  It was free to enter but a whopping $0.50 if you ran out of chips.  Which I did.  About ten times.  At the 100/200 level I must have rebought for 500 and moved all-in on five straight hands.  For a $110 seat with less than 50 players remaining, I was always going to take a crack for another 50 cents however silly the structure was.  Finally I won a hand and I was back in the game.  Carried on playing like a lunatic right the way to the end and hit a whole bunch of two outers along the way.

Well, you have to get lucky to win, don’t you?

With three left I disconnected.  I was playing from my hotel connected using my phone.  Apparently it drains more battery than it can charge when you are online, although not all the time because I’ve actually been fine since then.  After an hour and a half of playing though, the phone was dead and I had to wait for it to have enough juice to restart the phone, hop quickly back online and move all in repeatedly and hope for the best.

The best happened. I clearly rock at all cheap all-in pushfests.

The tournament I’m in is a 9-seat guaranteed satellite on 19th June, and it’s televised on Poker Night Live.  Most of the seats are actually for a $1000 WSOP super satellite but with flights and accomodation included, so with the cheaper packages the odds are much better.  There’s all kinds of free and cheap ways to get into this satellite including a completely free quiz on the PNL TV show.  To be honest, I’d probably pay $110 to play this one anyway.  There’s still a very good chance of a decent overlay on those seats!