May 2007
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eBay in letting people sell stuff for money shocker

I don’t very often, in fact almost never, watch or listen to the news.  I admit that I often don’t have much of an idea about what’s going on in the world.

Today’s "top story" on Radio 1’s news reminded me why I should take an interest.

It turns out that people have been attempting to use an online auction site to sell things.  The damn nerve.

This weekend, the radio station trundles off to Preston in the closest thing to what the kids of today have to the good old Radio 1 Roadshow.  No more trucks along the coast.  Now it’s two tents in a city. There’s urban, and then there’s Preston…

Like the roadshows, it’s all free.  But rather than just piling onto the beach to watch the Hairy Cornflake play some records or wait for Smiley Miley to appear and ask everyone to guess how far he drove today, these days you have to win a ticket lottery to enjoy the delights of Scissor Sisters, Razorlight, Natasha Bedingfield and Mark Ronson on a bizarrely diverse bill.

Tickets for Radio 1’s Big Weekend are selling on eBay for hundreds of quid.  The station asked them to pull the auctions and eBay said no.  They’ve even got an MP involved, and BBC News proper covered it in this article, which impressively managed to capitalize eBay in three different ways.

This is big news, apparently.

Never mind the impending leadership battle that will determine the country’s next Prime Minister, or all those people that are going crazy over a little girl that went missing in Portugal.

Or even that Chris Tarrant apparently threw a spoon at someone or something.