September 2007
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Finally paydirt!

I’ve been playing promotions with Sporting Index whenever they’ve offered anything that looks favourable.  These are usually offers to refund your losses if you play a set amount on their novelty games, but I’ve always come out losing and getting the refund.

If, like today, the requirement is ten bets with a refund of net losses up to £30, I’ll usually play an even money bet nine times and then lump whatever I have left on one final no-lose bet for the win.  In what must be close to ten previous efforts (I wrote about a couple of them here and here, and then stopped counting) the bet that matters has always lost.

Not that I’d ever imply that online gambling could be easily rigged, oh no.  Especially not stupid novelty games like "soccer shootout" where a cartoon footballer that you cannot influence kicks a ball at goal a few times and gets awarded points if he scores against a computer-controlled goalkeeper.  The number of points you get is related to where the ball hits the net – just like real life.  Goooooaaaaaallll!  You win, well, let’s say six points this time.

Assuming that their roulette game is fair, and forgetting that games of chance don’t have a memory, then was definitely owed before I hit a massive £26 profit today.  Nine bets of £2 betting red all the way with four wins and five losses put me in good shape for one last bet… and it came in!

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  • Dave

    Interesting. I’m just in correspondence with Sporting Index customer service. Having been tempted into their Texas Holdem spread betting game, I lost my shirt. Which is frustrating, but I’ve done it before.

    However, in about 40 hands, playing two handed, there were three deals of four of a kind and one straight flush. It was on those hands the money was lost.

    Again, surely not rigged, but equally surely not “random” as a poker player might imagine in. I suspect the randomness is in fact in the make ups – i.e. you get high make ups relatively often, giving an overall weighted average somewhere in the middle of the range.

    Any other views?

  • Hi Dave

    Thanks for your comment. I started replying to this and got very carried away so I’ll be turning those wafflings into a full blog post in a couple of days!

    In a nutshell, no I don’t think it’s rigged but the randomness of the game may not simulate the real-world poker event in the way you are expecting, and therefore appear that they have fixed things to generate more action.

  • I’ve never played casino roulette before to release a bonus. There was a juicy risk-free play on Sporting Index’s roulette spread game for a while, but for down-and-dirty bonus whoring the house edge on roulette is usually too high to make it w

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