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Gotta Luv It

I just came across this clip of The Late Late Show, where Mindy Kaling from The Office talks about everything that’s great about Luv It Frozen Custard in Las Vegas.

It’s not just the product, which is unbelievably rich and heavy and manages to sit in your stomach for days, and even though you’re sure it must have melted on they way down if feels like something survived.  It’s also the ambiance of the surrounding area, from naked homeless guys to nearby drug raids.

I have to agree, it probably is worth risking your life for.  Although to be fair I would probably think twice about walking around that part of town in a shiny dress and high heels.

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  • jim

    I would like to try said custard, do they have other sites in nicer parts of town?

  • Nope, they only have the Luv shack at LV Blvd & Oakey.

    It took us a while to find it. People say it’s “behind the Stratosphere”, which is true in so much as you can see the Strat from there. But you can see it from almost everywhere, so it’s not a great help…

    Check it out on Street View:

    The front door is misleading. You have to order at the window on the side of the building. Nobody is allowed inside, which makes it all the more terrifying.

    Other frozen custard products are available but you won’t get the near-death experience that adds to its wonder.

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