April 2007
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[Insert Monty Python quote here]

My plans for the evening were scuppered because City Link are useless cretins who don’t actually know how to deliver a parcel at all, let alone on time.  How hard is it?  I mean, if post addressed to "Gordon the Gopher, The Broom Cupboard" can get there, what’s the problem with my order for the components I needed to actually do some work tonight?  Delivery was refused on Friday – because they took it to the wrong building, apparently just guessing wrong once – and today they claimed the postcode was wrong and refused to even put it on a van.  Which it wasn’t.  Why not just call me if you can’t find the place, you bastards?

Anyway, I decided to head over to Trafalgar Square to watch the Spamalot cast’s world record attempt for largest coconut orchestra.  I won’t keep you in suspense any longer because I’m sure you’re dying to know.  They smashed the record, previously held by… the New York cast, of course.

I cooed a little when two of the original Monty Python members were wheeled out –Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam to be precise – and I watched over 4000 people clip-clop along with Always Look on The Bright Side of Life.  Something you don’t see every day, for sure.

I was too late to actually get a pair of coconuts to take part, and didn’t even get a picture of some.  They were special Spamalot coconuts, you see.  I couldn’t decide whether asking "could I take a picture of your coconuts" would be safer with a random man or woman, so I just took some photos of a flying inflatable foot interfering with landmarks instead.

The National Gallery:


Alison Lapper Pregnant:

Nelson’s Column:

And just because it’s the 25th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, I have to also include this picture too.


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