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Stat attack: 25,000 hand checkup (part 2)

Nope, nothing really interesting happened.¬† Still, it’s less than ten weeks before I’ll be in Vegas.. bear with me during the dark weeks ūüôā

7. Pocket pairs

I play 93.6% of pocket pairs, and raise them preflop 43.3%.¬† I do have negative lines for 77, 66, 44 and 22 though.¬† I don’t see any major problems, just a few big pots I lost with a set against a rivered flush, or a full house against quads, etc.¬† I do still think I might need to dump small pairs in early position because I often¬†struggle to get a big enough payoff when it gets raised ahead of me and I do flop a set.

8. Suited connectors

Profitable to the tune of 9BB/100.¬† I cold called with a suited connector only 12 times, mostly KQs and QJs.¬† Overall I lost, but it’s a pretty small sample size.¬† The hands I played were almost all only for a tiny raise and in position.¬† Doesn’t feel like there’s much wrong here.

9. Unsuited connectors

Leak.¬† Only a small one, but I’m losing 1BB/100 with unsuited connectors.¬† This includes AKo, which I’m nearly $90 down on.¬† That’s because of some big pots I lost with top pair vs a set or two pair.¬† I’m getting more confident playing AK now, and feel like I lose less when I’m beaten, so I expect this figure to improve.¬† I’ve cold-called unsuited connectors 11 times and won once.¬† Seven times it was with JTo and the one pot I did win was very small.¬† Mental note made.

10. Postflop aggression

Wow, I c-bet a lot.¬† After a preflop raise, I bet or raise the flop 77.8% of the time.¬† Is that too high, if the guide I’m referring to says "at least 40%"?¬† Well I don’t think so, because filtering my hands on just these situations, I’ve made 122BB/100 when I continuation bet and when they lead out and I get to raise, the win rate soars to a phenominal 191BB/100.¬† I can live with that.

My overall postflop aggression factor is 2.83.¬† Plenty.¬† However this is mostly from my flop play: 4.12 on the flop, 1.83 on the turn and 1.90 on the river.¬† It’s not exactly passive on the later streets, but I wonder if this shows that I slow down a little too quickly and could be betting and raising a little more.

11. Check-raising

I’ve check-raised 111 times, 1.11% in total.¬† Every one of them, naturally, felt great.¬† I’m not doing it excessively, and overall the hands where I’ve check-raised show my biggest win rate: 449BB/100.¬† Of course this figure is pretty meaningless, because I’m usually¬†only check-raising with my strongest hands and by its nature a check-raise builds nice big pots.¬† Still, it looks good just to finish with such an impressive figure!

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