March 2008
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High kickin’ dandy

I’m still not worthy enough to get a single free night at Harrah’s cheapest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, but they’ll gladly fly me out to Laughlin for free and put me up for four nights.

This offer came in an email today:

If you would like to make a trip to Harrah’s Laughlin, Nevada, please call or email me directly. Based on your Total Rewards card you qualify for two complimentary seats on any of the following flights and room. The flights listed below are direct charter flights to Harrah’s Laughlin Nevada on Allegiant Airlines.

From a guy named Ryan, whose email signature revealed him to be "Senior Executive Casino Host.  Days off: Sunday & Monday".

He goes on to list 150 different flights over the next three months departing from various cities spread out across almost every state.  If you’re from Hawaii or Alaska you’re out of luck but for mainland USA, from the major cities to the back of beyond, Harrah’s have you covered.

If there’s a song about the city, it’s definitely on the list: ChattanoogaWichita.  (Deep voice) Albuquerque.  I’d never heard of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but it has such a great name I want to go there now.

So just one slight drawback, I have to already be in the USA to get the flight.  I knew it had to be too good to be true.  I guess there’s no harm in suggesting a long haul charter from Manchester, or even asking him to get the private jet out for us, but I can’t think that one day of intenso play is going to be quite enough yet.

Really it’s just nice to see that my Diamond status is worth something decent, even if I can’t use it.