July 2008
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Day 3: Bonus whoring in a live casino

Just made my first score on the excellent summer promotion at Four Queens.

There are no good multi-line video poker machines left, so Claire and I played this through on (mostly) 50c Jacks or Better. It took a couple of sessions today and a bit of play last night, so it’s still pretty quick to unlock the goodies.

Overall, and between the two of us playing on the same player card, we lost $160 to get there. (The expected loss on this game is $80, so it’s a slight underachievement).

This offer does accumulate the free slot play awards, so you can earn up to $360 in total. I also had a coupon for another $10 free slot play and a point multiplier, which took the total haul to $370 slot play (which actually converted to $330 real money), $56 cash back and $50 in Shell gas cards. And a sun shield.

That’s an overall $276 profit, plus a good chance that the concentrated action will trigger some room offers on my account.

The Palms was good to us again too. They had a swipe and win giveaway today and I picked up a free pair of movie tickets.

It’s pretty clear that these draws are biased towards bigger players, so it stands to reason that the day after I cycled $20,000 on my card (to max out a point multiplier coupon) I would get a decent prize.

Claire’s player card, which she hasn’t played on since March, swiped and won 1,000 bonus points – worth $2.50.

Could have been worse. All the guy in front of us won was a plastic bungee cord.