November 2008
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I dumped a game and I liked it

It started out like this:

Seat 3: luckydonut (10336 in chips)
Seat 7: supra23 (3164 in chips)
Dealt to luckydonut [Ks Td]

I had been stealing his blind quite aggressively since we’d been heads up and I was in good shape to take the victory.

In chip equity alone, I was worth $20 and change of the $27 left to play, and so far he was letting me roll him over.  KTo here meant I was about to make another easy all-in move.

supra23 said, "ill pay you $30 to fold to me"
luckydonut said, "lol"
supra23 said, "no really"
luckydonut said, "why?"
supra23 said, "i just want the battle of the planetsp points"
supra23 said, "ill give you the first place money"
supra23 said, "i just want the first place points"

I stalled the game while we talked about it and eventually I timed out and folded on my massive king-ten.

I asked for $10 up front, which he sent, then I clicked "sit out".  The extra $17 arrived after he took first place.

But is this allowed?  I really have no idea.

Poker Stars haven’t contacted me about it yet, and their software much be able to detect this kind of dumping – especially if two player-to-player transfers take place between the last two players in a tournament.

There were only two of us left in the tournament and we made a deal that we both agreed on.  He got the leaderboard points he wanted and I locked in a win without any further risk.  We’re both winners, aren’t we?

To stand a chance of making the leaderboard myself I was going to need at least 4 first place finishes in my next 8 games.  So did I think that $7 in the hand was worth more than 18 league points in the bush?  (Remember, I was still getting 27 points for 2nd place).

Absolutely yes.

However it’s the other players who are competing for the same leaderboard that are disadvantaged by us agreeing to engineer his way up the league table.  That’s why, looking back, I think our deal could have been on dodgy ground.

So I was keen to check last week’s leaderboards as soon as they were final to see how well supra23 did.  If he’d pipped another player by 18 points or less, there’s a chance (albeit a very, very small one) I might have felt responsible.

In fact it didn’t actually make any difference.  20 places are paid but Poker Stars lists the top 100 and his name was nowhere to be seen.

Beats me why someone would go to that effort to buy a small number of points if they weren’t already in with a shot of one of the top places.