July 2009
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Day 2: Look! Shiny object!

Here’s a picture of today’s bonus value from The Palms.

The reason I’ve included my players card in the haul is that they reissued it at the "MVP" level when there’s absolutely no reason that it should be.  All my play there recently has been on Claire’s card, and we weren’t even sure that she would have qualified for a green card with the recent rule changes.

But as we had a linked account and Claire was asking for an updated card, I handed mine over at the same time and got one the same colour but still with my own number on it.  Whether or not it will work for half price buffets I don’t yet know – the register may flag me up as an imposter – but it’s definitely good enough to make me look like a VIP so I can carry on jumping various queues.

The other stuff was from a swipe-and-win promotion, and as there’s some kind of giveaway every day this month (and most likely next month too) this is just the first of many yet to come.

Today’s promotion is something to do with cars (I didn’t really pay that much attention) and I won a $10 gas card and Claire got the green stick thing in the photo, which is actually an air freshener that clips into an air vent.

Of course it’s tat, but at least it’s Palms-branded tat, not like those horrible clocks they were giving away in April.

In other tat news, I got this awful string of plastic beads from Binion’s.

The whole of Downtown Las Vegas has adopted a Summer of ’69 theme with tie-die shirts, peace symbols and lava lamps all over the place.  It’s pretty cool that all the casinos are taking part in the same theming in their own way.

I didn’t have to do anything in particular to get this piece of garbage, I just asked for a new slot card.  However, I think that giving me something shiny was really just misdirection while the players club took a sneaky scan of my driving license.

It was a swift move, as I could only tell as I’d already positioned myself to look down over their screen, knowing that I’m sometimes awkward to find when my British ID shows a date of birth with the numbers the wrong way round to an American, and when I’m actually listed under a California address anyway.

After I pointed out the right record and the lady handed me a set of beads, I saw my mugshot flash on screen before she gave me my license back.

If the Palms hadn’t also taken a scan earlier I would have asked what the hell is going on, but it looks like this is becoming common practice – I think so that rather than having to produce ID every time you speak to them they can just pull up your picture and make sure it’s really you.

However, at the Palms they actually asked if they could take a copy.  I don’t know why Binion’s were so deceptive about it.