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Something in the window

From this close up, it could be a scene from a horror movie.

However, it’s actually a shadow dancer in a place I’d never noticed before – in one of the upper windows at O’Shea’s.

I noticed this on Friday night and have no idea how long they’ve been doing it.  If it’s a permanent fixture it’s only certain nights of the week as she’s wasn’t there on Sunday.

Considering it’s just a silhouette dancing about in a window on probably the most brightly lit street in the world, it’s surprisingly eye-catching.

8 comments to Something in the window

  • victor foster

    I am 9 weeks away from Vegas – I very much enjoy your blogs and am counting the days – I hope that you did not lose all your money at Cheltenham. Good luck in Vegas – One day we must get to play on the same table – the high roller v mr lucky [thats me]

  • Danny M

    I can’t place Osheas casino LD.

    Is it on the strip??

  • It’s on the Strip opposite Caesars, nestled between the Flamingo and Imperial Palace. There’s not much of a casino to speak of (and no hotel) – it’s more of a bar with gambling (which makes the poker games good if you manage to get in on one of their two eight-seater tables, and one of them happens to be no-limit that particular evening). They also have Vince Neil’s tattoo parlour inside, and an area for beer pong. Douche city, obv.

  • Thanks Vic, I appreciate the comment! Are you playing in the WSOP?

  • Danny M

    Ah, think we must’ve skipped that place on the tour of the strip!

    Really enjoying the blog btw. wish i’d done one for my vegas trip. next time maybe!

  • Cheers, I struggled to stay on top of it this time and the internet problems at the Rio didn’t help but I have plenty of notes and there’s more to come as soon as I get chance to write it up 🙂

  • victor foster

    i am playing in one of the smaller games No-Limit Hold’em (Event 34)

    and poss No-Limit Hold’em (Event 39)

    and poss Seniors No-Limit Hold’em World Championship (Event 43)

    See you there?

  • Doesn’t look like I’ll make it this year. I’d made some (free, obv) room reservations for the first two weeks just in case, but I already had to cancel those after Harrah’s told me I was abusing the system. As if… 🙂 I’m back in Vegas at the end of July anyway…

    Good luck in the events, and don’t forget to check out what’s on at the Venetian, Caesars, Binion’s and Golden Nugget at the same time. I think most if not all of them have announced their schedules now.

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